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A process of complete deliverance & healing holistically so the Warrior Princess can be birthed in every woman to take up her position as the HELPER

Raising up the woman of the community to arise in their call, to pray and be the prayer warrior in the Kingdom of God and the princess for their spouse and children.

Children from all walks of life unite to be trained up in the ways of the Lord, taught Biblical principles with a child’s perspective of life in mind by a specifically formulated curriculum.

Intercessors unite as watchman on the wall, sounding the alarm and rounding up the troops for battle.

Youth from all walks of life unite to sit under the Transformed Youth curriculum with open discussions and problem-solving ideas and Biblical revelations on real life issues.


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Weekly connection and fellowship as a family, growing in Christ, discussing life and viable Biblical solutions to life’s ups and downs.
Contact Ps. Eddie Botes: [email protected]
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Prayer Group

Weekly connection with the sole purpose of praying in unity for South Africa, our President and leadership of South Africa and other matters as the Lord leads.
Contact: Ps. Natasha Botes [email protected]
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Education Group

Teaching learners to learn correctly, extra classes on subjects and assistance with understanding subjects on a higher level.
Contact: Michelle Vimbai [email protected]
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Cooking and Baking

People getting together to cook and bake, then share in the delicious food and amazing fellowship.
Contact: Bridgett Mhlanga [email protected]
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Picnic Group

Young Mothers and their kids get together in a park to picnic with the kids. Moms fellowship together, sharing ideas and inspirations whilst their kids play and have fun in the park.
Contact: Pastor Holly Laranja [email protected]
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